Minggu, 16 Mei 2021

Selamat Datang 2021

 Lho...kok di bulan Mei ini mengucapkan Selamat Datang 2021?

Ya..buka dan mau nulisnya baru di hari ini...: )

Privacy Policy One Comp

This Privacy Policy was created by OneComp for you as the party who will install OneComp applications on your device. The other party performing the action must have your permission. We are not involved and do not agree if there are other parties who carry out these actions without your permission.

Applications from OneComp are free applications, made for good purposes, including helping activities at home, at work, and filling spare time. Applications can be used as is, not allowed to make changes from the original application, more over used for activities that violate the law.

Applications from OneComp are created and made to be accessible by a variety of devices, however there is a possibility of incompatibility with the user's device. OneComp is not responsible for any effects to this device. Installing an application means that the party installing it understands and is prepared to accept all of these risks.

While the application from OneComp is on your device, OneComp may require you to provide certain personally identifiable information and other information, for example, but not limited to, you use  the application as an intermediary for sending your information to the party you refer,  who requires your information. OneComp is not involved, does not approve of, and not responsible for the misuse of your information.

OneComp is committed to complying with existing privacy protection laws in Indonesia.  OneComp can collaborate with third parties who have the same commitment. These third parties may need your information, which is beyond OneComp's control, therefore you are asked to read the Privacy Policy on the third party's page, and you have the full right to agree or disagree with the Privacy Policy. OneComp is not involved, does not approve, and is not responsible if there is any misuse of your information.

This Privacy Policy may change at anytime and these changes are the rights and authorities of OneComp. If you do not check for changes to the Privacy Policy on this page, it means that you agree to the latest Privacy Policy. You can apply the application from your device at anytime before the Privacy Policy is changed.

You can provide input by sending an email to henswiss@gmail.com. OneComp is under no obligation to reply, however, OneComp would like to thank you for all input.